Commission Prices

2014-01-05 17:04:15 by DrN3k0

Commissions Prices


$5.00: chibi 

$6.00: Portrait (shoulders up)

$8.00: Bust (chest up)

$10.00:Waist up

$15.00:Knees up

$20.00:Full Body


Fully colored for all  


+background (depending on difficulty) $3.00-$5.00

+extra person varied on the actual commissions will be half the price (ex: one Chibi is 5.00 if you add another chibi thats an extra 2.50)

+fetish? $5.00 (nothing with children under the age of 18 yrs old girls or boys! yes lollis and shota count!)

 -pay must be given upfront 

-you get what you get and you dont through a fit

-no refunds (once the piece is somewhat done)

- totally ok with tentacles, hentai, futas, just ask :3


Porn/Hentai is an extra $5.00


i hold the right to deny a commission or change my mind about doing one ( of course if this happens you will get a refund)


any questions or to order a commission please PM me

my theme song right now :

anything goes except lolis or shotas

sketch : 2.00/200point(if u have devantart)

Gray scale:4:50/450points(if u have devantart)

Fully colored: 5.00/500points(if u have devantart) e e e e e

Happy Easter Awesomes o3o

2013-03-31 13:20:53 by DrN3k0

i hope your having a wonderful Easter <3 i havent really thank you all properly so thank you for becoming a fan and enjoying my art <3 you guys are now part of my Awesomes (most of them are on DA lol) you guys are the best thank you for the lovely comments they mean a lot!! you guys keep me going <3 have a WONDERFUL EASTER<3

Livestream Tentical loooove~

2013-03-30 01:43:19 by DrN3k0

working on a commission still in coloring faze :3

Livestream Tentical loooove~